Screening: Avatar Secrets

Sunday May 29 | 4:45 pm

Avatar Secrets is a ten part digital series and interactive documentary, exploring the complexities of life, love and leveling up in the digital world. With spectacular visuals that combine animated graphic novel style sequences and live action footage, viewers join director Ramona Pringle in her search for connection and meaning, in an intimate and contemporary first person journey into the virtual frontier.

With interactive layers of expert interviews and touching vignettes woven into the timely story, Avatar Secrets reveals the truth behind our need to connect: we’re not addicted to technology, we’re addicted to each other.

A video game may be an unlikely place to discover sage wisdom about life, love and perseverance… but sometimes we find what we need in the most unexpected places.

“A new breed of storytelling” – Mashable

“Very addictive!” – Douglas Coupland

“Visually impressive” – The Gloss